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It has been a while, a really long break for me since I wrote the last post. Having toddlers, moving, chance States, planning on my future, has taken a lot of time. But I don’t say that in a negative way. Just the opposite! I have had time to try a couple of things and finally sat down a day and wrote what it is that I really want to do. I made a list with my strengths and with my passions. My result is this new project. My own store! I am planning on filling the store with handmade items such as bags, aprons, mittens, dolls, stuffed animals…it is and will all be the work of my inspiration, love and creativity. Please take a look at the cute bags I have recently made. You can find them on

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A lesson about Letter B is for Bus (school bus) and Shapes

This week we talked about Shapes and the Letter B.

After explaining the 4 basic shapes (Triangle, Circle, Rectangle and Square), I gave each kid one Triangles, four Squares, three Rectangles and two Circles.

(you can download and print this example)
Then I asked them to take the big yellow rectangle. Then the small yellow rectangle and glue it like the example I had brought.
Now they had to look for a blue rectangle (and don’t confuse it with the blue squares! 🙂
The 4 squares were the most fun to glue! They could already see the bus in shape!
Triangle was a little tricky but yet they did a great job!
And then the 2 circles so the bus could drive away!
bruuuuuummmmm!!! 🙂

Letter A craft Activity for Preschoolers

Letter A for….APPLE TREE, just in time for the season!


This is a fun activity to do with your little one. You only need some green and red paint. Paper and a brown crayon/marker.

1.- Have a paper and draw a tree trunk

If you want you can color it.
Next step is kind of messy but kids LOVE this!
2. -Let your kid put one of his hands in the paint. (I used some paper plates to pour the paint).
3. -Let them put their hand on top of the trunk so they make the crown of the tree (leaves).
4. -Then, with their clean hand, just using one finger and the red paint, some dots here and there…and there you go…Apple Tree
Books we will read this week:


Tangled Birthday

 It’s been a long and lovely break but it’s great to be back posting here again. Today I’m sharing about my daughter’s  5th birthday. We had a Tangled inspired Party. Since I have so many new things I want to post, I am going to show you more picture and less words! 🙂 Hope you enjoy this and all of my posts.

The invitations was just a Flynn Ryder Coloring Page but substituded his name with the words “Wanted your presence at ______’s birthday Party: We’ll get tangled up in fun!”

At the bottom the date and time, address (at ______’s Tower) and RSVP. Easy and really inexpensive.

Garland Template

We made a beautiful banner-garland using purple colored cardboard and to make the sun we made a handmade stamp using a potato and some yellow paint. So easy!

Here you can download a template I made for you to use.


My daughter loved it!


We put some activity tables together. This table was Coloring Table. We used the “Tangled Activity Kit” that you can download here.


We bought some super cute lanterns and some watercolor paint at on Oriental Trading and let the children color them.


“Pascal” need some color too! This was really a hit! These little Pascal-almost-look-a-like can be found also on Oriental Trading’s website. They have super fun stuff!


We decorated the playground with purple and yellow streamers.


My daughter’s rainbow lantern.


I used a drying rack to let the lanterns and Pascal dry.


Kids used the streamers to pretend to have very long long hair (this was something they invented and I thought it was really cute)


“Rapunzel, let your hair down!”


This was a really fun birthday! I put some glow in the dark sticks ( Oriental Trading) in the goody bags so they could put them inside the lantern.


Thank you for coming to the party!!!
(Girls and boys Thank You bookmark)